Queensland P76 Owners Club Inc. 2000

President Fishing Comp 2000

26th Jan, 2000

Thanks to the Member of the club those being Dixie, Suzan, Andrew, Leonard, Jenny and Adrian for making it to the President Fishing competion.
The location was on the foreshores of the Brisbane at Shorncliffe.  The fishing competion was held on the Jetty  which goes out into Morten Bay for 100 meters. Andrew was able to land the only fish in the area with all the other people looking on in envoy. Andrew ended up with three fish with the Bream being returned to the ocean before the group broke for lunch.
Great show to Andrew for the magnificient effort in catching those fish.

Dixie is holding a sausage from the "Free" lunch with Suzan and Andrew

Andrews winning fish (a flathead and a whiting)

Andrew holding his flathead

Camp site on the cliffs of Shorncliffe

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