Queensland P76 Owners Club Inc. 2000

Pig 2 Day out

The club members had a great day with "Pig 2" on 9th July at Mango Hill near Brisbane. The club members drove the club paddock basher and tested their driving skills with a little showing off.
We designed a number of layouts with the figure eight course the most exciting. Parts of the course were named after members in the club. Spinouts were fairly common and the car performed terriffically. Time trials were conducted and members times were so good that points had to be taken off for knocking out witches hats.

The car is an automatic V8. (Leyland Boxer truck motor).

Below are some photos of the pig in action but real video would have been more exciting. Please enjoy and our thanks to Allan S. for the photos.

Lewis in control

Garth testing his driving skills

Jamie burning grass in burnout at the end of the day
Collecting the witch's hat at the finish of the day

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