Queensland P76 Owners Club Inc. - 2001

All British Day


The All British Day was a great success, looked like they had more cars than last year. The cars over flowed to a lower field. The weather was beautiful, started off being damp but cleared. The enthusist was able to see nearly every make on display. The restored green Rolls Royce was the peoples choice.
The car club had six cars attendance, with applogies from Alan who is in Hospital and Matthew. Thanks to those who were able to attend, also to Dixie for bringing the trailor and being the cook with Carol helping. Garth supplied the food.

Pictures by Yowee

The club display
The Club display.
Club display and the club facilities
Looking from the rear at the Club display.
Dixie and his car.
Visitors from the organisers inspecting the display
A committee member of the organising club Alan and friend visiting the Leyland P76 display
Morris Marina in the mist of the Mini Club display
Morris Marina, part of the Mini club display.
Commerical area and the Vaxhaul Car Clubs
The lower fields, were found the Commerical Trucks, Buses and also the Vaxhual , Hillman and Sunbeam car Clubs.
Sunbeam cars, Hillmans
Sunbeam roadster and Hillman Minx and Imps.
Club Members sitting in the shade.
Club members area.
Check out the tiger. Dixie's girls
Some beautiful morgans
Morgan roadsters
A Standard
Standard Motor Car
Early Wolseley 1913 model
1913 Wolseley motor
Zepher Mark 4
Zepher Mark 4 motor cars
Early motor bikes
Early motor bikes
Sports car
Sports car
For a detailed site visit may I suggest going to leos.carshows.8m.com where there is a larger collection of photos on display.
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