Queensland P76 Owners Club Inc. - 2001

Andrew and Alan Hod Rod Show

Photos by Alan

Alan and Andrews Cars
Alan and Andrew cars ready for the Hot Rod show.
Alans wreck club display board and the computer display
Alans wreck, club display board and the computer with the power point presentation display.
Some of the people visiting Alans car
More visitors
Some of the crowd that gathered around the car during the display
Looking across the display
Looking across the the three cars.
Looking into Andrews Car
Looking into Andrews car with the other cars displays in the distance.

Photos by Adrian - Not the best quality

Alan and Andrews car
Alan and Andrews cars at the start of the hotrod show
Alan display of the wreck P76
The wreck of Alans P76 at the Hot Rod show.
Alan working on his car
Alan preparing his car for the show.
Getting the display ready
Setting up the display
The three worker next to there display
The worker next to the display. They have done a good job.

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