Queensland P76 Owners Club Inc. - 2001

Private Museum Gold Coast

29th July 2001

The club was invited to visit the "Private" collection of Transport and Motoring Memobillia on the Gold Coast, Queensland.
About thirty people inspected an arrange of vehicles. They included a 1901 steam car (one of five in Australia), an early Rolls Royce as well as other items like old tractors, stationary engines, motor bikes, pushbikes, apple corers etc. The owner has only been collecting full time from the 1970s. It must also be said that most of the engines and vehicles are restored and in working order. These items are sometimes seen at Motoring shows.
The club would like to thank this Gentleman for access to his pride on joy.
This is only a sample of the equipment on show.

Alans' Photos

some device
1901 steam car
Steam engine
Steam truck
Large 4X4 truck

Garths' photos

Members standing around a wooden bowl trying to work out what the rotary paddel inside the bowl did.
Looking at the wooden bowl

Alan been checking out the glass whiskey decanters
Steam car over 100 years old
Steam car over 100 years old

Words of Wisdom
Words of wisdom
Being shown an Apple peeler and decorer
Being shown an Apple peeler and decorer
How to cut wood

Adrian selection

Stationary engines and a novel sawing apparatus
When you had to cut the timber for the fire, not so much back ache. A sawing mechanism.
Inside the Musem
Apple corer
Apple corer and corn husking devices
Apple corer/peeler and corn husking devices.
Stationary engines
Mower blade sharpener
Mower blade sharper
Signs on the walls
Signs on the wall.
As I get further pictures I will enlarge the collection.
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