Queensland P76 Owners Club Inc. - 2001

November PigDayOut

by Yowee

Great day with the grounds just damp enough to keep the dust down. The club member installed a new battery, reconditioned water pump and a automatic oil cooler before we pough around the paddock at Mango Hill.
The course
We all got a go and really enjoyed the pleasure of spinning tyres, doing donuts and a little land clearing for the owner. Our job is to keep the groundsel ( a weed pest)under control. We were lucky this time in that a fire had cleaned up the area a couple of months back. You can see the course as layed out by the witches hats.
The Pig ready to unload
Adrian picked up the car from Rogo place and bought down to the grounds
Setting up the camp
Club members setting up the camp. Dixie brought down the club trailer which carries the Bar-Be-Que and refreshments for lunch.
New car in the district, Yellow deluxe
Club member watching the activities of the club car
More discussions
The pig traveling around the course
The car performed very well, until a couple of trees got in the road. The club made $5.00 from myself and Dixie. The club will be asking members to give a hand in carrying out engine works in the new year. We had a great time and thanks to the club members who came from near and far for the outing.
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