Queensland P76 Owners Club Inc. - 2001

Qld P76 Owners

Sponsored by repco Virginia

Car Show

12th May 2001

Grassed area out the front of repco store with cars passing all the time along Sandgate road. repco had prepared the public with signs out for the week before.
Repco Virginia
A crisp clear morning, which ended up being just perfect as it is in Queensland.
Sponsor and Charity
I would like to thank the repco company for supplying the facilites for the club to use. The club would like to thank the members of the Motor Neurone Disease Association of Queensland especially Bill Dixson in keeping the saugages to the club members and visitors to repco.
We had a great turnout of members and their cars. It was good to see the members from Northern NSW come up for the occassion as well as attend the Friday night meeting.
The display was complemented by having the 'Force' ie orange Force 7. Just as important are the work horse that are used in every day life.
Franks Force 7
John was there with his race car. Alan brought two cars ie his six cylinder P76 trailing his show wreck as well. Andrews show car as well as Dixie and Suzans beautiful white super.
Alans cars
The list goes on. Thanks also to the other members like Garth, Neville, John, Graham, Rogo, Cedric, Col, Bob/Vic and Warren.
Phots supplied by Garth.
Group photo
group photo
Group photo
Group photo
John 's race car
Dixies car
Photos supplied by Adrian, sorry about the quality.
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