Queensland P76 Owners Club Inc. 2003

Yowee's adventures to Canberra

National Get Together 2003

Accomondation at the Carotel Motel

The most exciting car at the meeting was Damin's "flame beast"

Graham (Qld) and Nick (Tassie) and a half John (Qld) outside our motel suite.

Outside the treasure den at the Motel.

James dealing with Andrew hidden behind a prospective client in the Treasure Den area.

Geoff arrived and spent most of Friday evening sleeping . He also had problem with his exhaust.

Dave Collins from Qld in his P76.

Tourer around Canberra

We were taken Friday afternoon for a quick get to know Canberra. Here we are near Lake Burleigh Griffin and the flag poles of all the nations of the world except for two Iraq and ?

Car Display near the Old Parliament

Victorian and Tasmanian cars

Pat sitting down enjoying a break.

Norm and Russell chatting.

Mike Clark from Victoria.

Joe Green showing some of his photos .

Jason standing next to his car.

John and Dell from Queensland standing next to their car.

Brian and his Targa.

Two Spanish Olive cars

Anton Jo-anne Neville and Sonja

Mick Clarks car

Joe Green and the Force 7

Alex's "Peel Me Grape" executive with the Canberra and District banner

War Memorial visit

Weary Dunlop with Lloyd and Leonard

Looking toward Parliment House with the seating being prepared for Anzac day.

Inside the Museum

Outside the Museum

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