Queensland P76 Owners Club Inc. 2003

March Club outing

Sunday 30th March 2003

Non Observation run

This months club run was to get to know the members of the club while enjoying morning tea and lunch. The day was superb, and lunch location very relaxing.
The members meet at Andrew's place at Birkdale on the south side, where they had morning tea. Then at 11 am you were to go on an observation run but due to sickness, Adrian was not able to supply this information.
The club members and families travelled then over to Shorncliffe to Moora Park on the north side. Adrian Jenny and Leonard met the travellers with the club trailer and we had lunch in the shade of the Blue Gums. Lunch was very nice and thanks to our cheif, Dixie we had hamburgers or saugages on salad roll.

Members that came today were Neville, Sonya, Don and Rae his wife, Dixie Suzanane and their daughter all from North Coast, Andrew from Birkdale and Jenny Leonard and Adrian from Deagon. Our President John rang to wish us all well, but applogised because of his wife ill health. Part officer Rogo and Pat also made their applogies too.

Notice the new strips on the side of Dixie 's car. They really shine when the sun reflects off them. (these are available through the club)
The members spent a few moments taking about the poor attendance. After lunch Jenny and I invited everyone back to our place, where we enjoyed some afternoon tea. The boys had an interesting time checking out the other P76 at Adrian's place. (Another story)
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