Leyland P76 Owners of Queensland 2004


August 13th 2004

Hi everyone,
the AGM is over and the new committee has been elected.
The out going committee would like to thank Dell H, for standing in for the election of officers.
The new committee would like to welcome you all to come and join in, with the club activities over the coming year.
After the meeting the members and visitors enjoyed a fine supper.
Thanks to those who made their apologies
Cheers Adrian
Publicity Officer

Members at the meeting

The above picture shows the out going committee at work - and also the new committee at work

Reports from Committee

Report from the Web editor for 2004 AGM

Hi everyone,
I am pleased to inform the club that the web site http:www.leylandp76.com has been growing in leaps and bounds. I have now about 600 megabytes of photos, reports, technical information, articles and diagrams that reside on my computer with about 400 megabytes on the actual web site.
The email group is over 110 people, and is working well.
We have two groups using the hosting facilities available to P76 clubs, with other clubs having direct domain names. Eg: http://vic.leylandp76.com
I have offered a number of interested people a chance to expand the site, by building parts of it as a project.
At this time I am still in discussion with them.
I would like to make this a competitive activity were school groups can build web pages and maybe modernise the web site.
Donations are being accepted from Non members and official clubs. I would like to see if we could advance the opportunity to engage the business community.
I would also like to offer copies of the web site on CD to those interested in having a non web version. A small cost would be required though.
If anyone would like to take over the running of the site or parts of, I would be pleased to train and direct them.
Thanking you for the great material and the opportunity to advance the profile of the P76 and the club.
Yowee (Adrian)

Report from the Publicity Officer 2004

Hello everyone,
May I take the opportunity to thank the out going committee members for a great job they have done over the year.
This year we have hosted the ‘2004 National Meeting’ at Easter. This was our major event of the year and a financial success to the club. Hard work does bring success. We also had a visit from our USA member on the last days of the event, great meet up with Bob Wild, family and friends.
We have been running a meeting and an outing every month, with mixed numbers turning out for them.
The Xmas party at North Pine Market was a very successful, with a large turnout of cars and number of new faces.
The Beenleigh drive-in was great, with the opportunity to look over the classic 50-60s cars and listen to the Rock and Roll music in the afternoon and then have a choice to watch two of the 4 movies later on that evening.
The club has been poorly represented at car shows, but we did have a couple of exceptions those being the ‘All British day’ last year and the ‘Cars of Yesteryear’.
We did not attend any hot rod shows like the previous years.
I would like to encourage those members to get there car out of the sheds and back to outing with the use of the Club Rego.
I am looking forward to a change in the club activities with the opportunity for the club to display our cars at the fourth coming ‘Speed on Tweed’ at Murwillumbah next month and also to see some historic cars racing on the street circuit.
Next year ‘Easter Gathering’ may be in Sydney (Camden area) and the following year ‘The National Meeting’ Easter 2006 at Cootamundra, being organised by Michael and Gwen Livingstone (Country P76 Club of NSW).
The Rockhampton trip though poorly attended was a still a success. Club members from the south met up with a local Rocky member.
I would like to thank my family for putting up with phone calls etc
Yowee (Adrian)

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