Leyland P76 Owners of Queensland 2004

RACQ 'Cars of Yesteryear'

Sunday 27th June

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The RACQ organised a wonderful day and a number of our dedicated member made there way there.
Facinating collection of Motoring history.
Great turnout of members, and we were able to assist some people looking for parts and cars.
Leonard and I walked around the cars a number of times noting the quality of the engineering..

Club members on site

Graham Alan and Nev going over the Plus's of Nev's car

John and Don's P76s Alans and Nev P76 with Yowees Marina Sonya and Travis Rogo and the Northern District Vintage car club members inspect the hardware

Other attraction of the Day

New Player on the block

Congratulation to Nev for a fine piece of engineering, with grafting of the Toyota motor into his P76 sports.
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