Leyland P76 Owners of Queensland 2004

Banyo Swap and Nudgee Beach

Two outings for the price of one. May 30th

Club members took the opportunity to exhibit and purchase items at the Annual Swap meet at Banyo.
The club put on lunch in the park area of Nudgee Beach, about 5 klms from Banyo on Morton Bay. A small hamlet with a beautiful aspect (sea-cluded site).
Nudge Beach has mangroves and sand flats with creeks feeding into Morton Bay on either side.
The Brisbane Council has spent a lot of the envirnment levy money's on proving the public access to look at the bird and water life of the mangrove swamps of the area, bike paths to and from the Deagon wetlands.
Graham trailer and Dixies car
Graham and Bob exhibited at the swap meet, and I was able to pick up a bargain from Grahams trailer at the lunch.
The area that we picked is very popular, plenty of area, amendities and lots people having partys.
Under the tree
Under the in the shade
Don's P76 and Adrian's Morris Marina

Lunch area

Barbie on the trailer
Sand flats and deck chairs
The lunch table
What a great day and thanks to those who attended. I was pleased to see so many people from outside Brisbane.
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