Leyland P76 Owners of Queensland 2006

Newfarm Park, Brisbane

26th February

Hi everyone,
Just like to say thanks to Peter and Elizabeth for coming with me to New Farm Park last Sunday.
As we arrived we thought the rain had gone, but how wrong we were.
The River was magnificent and there was a number of varying size vehicle traveling on it.
In the park it self there was couples lazing about, group finishing their breakfast, bike riders and where we decided to set up our gathering another Gent from Cleveland was waiting for his family to turn up for his sons 21st birthday party.
The clouds rolled in an the heavens open up. We tried sheltering under the fig trees, but the water still fell upon us.
At about 11 am I decided to give up and headed home. The skies were clearing to the north.
By the time I was home to sun shone brightly. The rest of the day was magnificent.
See you soon
Cars park on road

location before rain

Rain came down

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