Leyland P76 Owners of Queensland 2006

Clontaff Scout Group

Scouts Clontaf Car Show

12th Nov, 2006

Hi everyone,
Been a busy morning, went down to the local park for breakfast with the neighbours to celebrate a birthday.
Beautiful day at the Redcliffe Show grounds.
Peter Foote and I had our P76 out on show.
The Clontarf Scouts must be pleased with this years attendance, especially the quality of the car, bikes and commercial that turned up.
A lot of the usual comments, but then a couple of people turned up knowing the plusís of the P76 cars. As you will see from the photos we were surrounded by other beautiful car. Quite hot out in the sun standing around the cars, so setup a spot out of the sun under the tree were I am writing this article.
While walking around the displays I got talking to an owner of a EJ sedan who says it only comes out of the shed on sunny days. Margaret tells me that she has not trouble getting it serviced as her husband does it.
Thanks Margaret for the info on your car.
Spoke to a Bus collector/owner here also, travels to the shows around Brisbane.
They also take none paying (club members) passenger when they travel about, maybe we could get their help if we needed transport to an outing.

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