Leyland P76 Owners of Queensland 2007

Motor Neurone Disease Association and Leyland Club of Qld

Annual Lunch

26th Aug, 2007

After having a full week of beautiful rain Sunday turned out to be cracker. Hardly a breaze, but still cool in the shade. I even took time out to soak up the UV
This year the Qld Leyland club was invited to lunch with the MNDA Qld, at Pelican Park Clontaff.
As an active member of both clubs I had the honour of cooking and arranging the food.
I would like to thank the leyland club member who made it to the day.
Next year I would like to see more people come, so that we can be seen working with the community.
President Leyland P76 Club of Qld and Technical Advisor MNDAQ

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