Leyland P76 Owners of Queensland 2008

Outing to Marburg

24th Feb, 2008

A group of three P76's met at the Mobile garage on the Cunningham gap Hwy outside RAAF Amberley for Morning tea.
Richard and Ann came from the Gold Coast while Adrian, Leonard and Pat, Rogo from the northside of Brisbane.

After a short trip from RAAF Amberley via Rosewood we arrived at Marburg.
The outing was organised by Ann and the idea was to visit the Antique Shops in the district.
The township of Marburg has three shops of interest, they being the Hotel , the corner shop and Scottland Yard.

After reveiwing the Antiques we headed across the road to the hotel for a counter lunch.
It was very enjoyable.
As we were sitting finishing lunch another P76 pulled up at he stop sign .
We waved and sung out but he missed us. The owner Peter now lives somewhere in Marburg.

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