Leyland P76 Owners of Queensland 2009

P76 Club @ All British Day


We had a great day, drank well and ate like Kings and Queens. The type and varity of cars on display was impressive. The display attendance had increased from last year by about 200 cars.
President Carle made an "executive discissions", in finding our alotted spot was not suitable. He moved us to our usual position, under the trees. Beautiful as the trees are they are losing their leaves and old flowers, so the cook needed to be on duty while cooking lunch to keep the leaves off the Chicken pieces and beef paddies. We will need to clean to water ways and inside the car again too.
Numbers of Members cars were down this year , but thanks to the members who came along anyway. Carrol Graham and Stephen Dollison and friend, Phil Perkins and his wife came also.
Neville, Sonya Travis and Marcus were in the Blue and Nutmeg Targas, Ann and Richard in the Bitter Apricot Deluxe.
Carle was there in his Nomad
Rogo-Pat were in the Mk 10 Jaguar. John Wakeman with his Landrover and I came with the trailer in the White executive.
We also had the company of the Brisbane Northside Antique Car Association.
Thanks goes to John our cook for the day.

Carle explaining to John the Nomad's features

Photo shoot (end og the day)

Carle's Nomad

Rogo's Jaguar

"Tail of 2 boots"
All British Day experience (see a snapshot of the cars - Large amount of photos 25 meg)
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