Leyland P76 Owners of Queensland 2010

Club outing July

South Coast Restoration Society Open Day

Hi all
As I put pen to paper this month I am on a houseboat on the Tweed River with my fishing line in the water waiting
patiently for an elusive big fish. Richard hooked him the previous day and after a fight the fish won, snapping the
line. So, at 5.30am it was dark, cold, misty and silent but we were ever so hopeful. I am sure many others have
waited as we did and are still waiting. We (as in a particular person but no names mentioned) did manage to lose a
fishing rod which is now at the bottom of a lake – talk about throwing the line in!!!
We also ran our boat onto the sand bank on the first day so had an enforced stay there for 24 hours!!! We learned how to skipper after that.
The above picture and front cover is of a home made racer powered by a motorcycle engine. The new owner said a
couple of farmers had built it from scratch. The tyres that you can see behind the car on the cover page are the
original tyres the current owner said. To replace them was going to be about $300.00 each but with a bit of
metalwork on the rims, the owner was able to acquire these motorcycle tyres for free.
The good news of the month for me is I now have my deluxe back and it is going well with no more leaks in the
welsh plugs. New head gaskets have sealed the leak in the block so we are back in action. I am a little superstitious
and have left the container of water in the boot – just in case.
I was at the Gold Coast Airport earlier this month in the Deluxe and a stranger waiting to cross the road at a corner
where I had stopped for traffic commented he hadn’t seen a P76 around for years – I always have my window open so had a bit of a chat until the road was free.

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