Leyland P76 Owners of Queensland 2010

Volunteers Lunch


Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Day - 3rd Oct, 2010

The MNDAQ Volunteers were our welcome guest of the Queensland Leyland P76 Club in conjunction with Brisbane Northside Antique Automobile Club and the Queensland Pontiac Club at Pelican Park, Clontarf on Sunday 3rd Oct, 2010.


The weather leading up to Sunday was very overcast and showery. On Sunday morning the weather again was misty and clearing and while getting things together I thought the numbers would be down and only the diehards would turn up.
I am pleased to say that we had a better turnout than I thought.
We did not get the usual spot as another group had planned a birthday party and 20 plus children parents and friends occupied the facilities till mid day. Thanks to Carle and Graham for taking on the cooking the food, while Pat and others sorted out the bread rolls and salad. Lesley (MNDAQ) again supplied the beautifull desert of cakes.
I had the duty of making morning tea, the piklets, which were anything but round and to those game enough to have them. You can tell that they were alright as all disappeared smartly.
Throughout the morning all types of cars appeared.
We had 5 P76s (3 blue Targas) , 4 Pontiacs and a variety of restored cars from the BNAAC. All up we had 20 or more cars. A couple of fair weather Mustangs and a number of Chryslers\Valiant’s cruising from Caboolture spent some time looking at the other cars. Quite a few members of the public check out the situation.
One of the members from the Pontiac club, Jack assisted with Tomatoes from his Takeway across the road.
The raffle prizes were distributed between the different clubs.
I would like to thank all those who attended the day and their support.

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