Leyland P76 Owners of Queensland 2011

Leyland P76 Club Awareness Lunch for MNDAQ Volunteers

In association with the Brisbane Northside Antique Automobile Association

30th October, 2011

I would like to thanks the people from many groups who turned up to celebrate the "Awareness Lunch for the MNDAQ Volunteers" at Pelican Park Clontarf.
We had a great start to the Day with the breeze picking up a little towards lunch.
Great selection of cars turned out and I would like to thank you all for bringing the cars. Peoples Choice was Keith Nicholson with his Yellow P76. (I was going to give the prize to the car with the most oil leaks but would be unfair as the Leyland don't have any).
Our friends from the BNAAA put on a great display of different cars.
Nev was teaching Travis to finer art of flying kites in the park next to us.
When I was setting up I talked a couple from Ipswich to join us. The group was entertaining their mother for her birthday (85 years). Later on the husband bought out his selection of kites to fly with mixed success.
Well done to Muriel(MNDAQ Volunteer) who won the lucky door prize and also snached from the air a flying light & David (MNDAQ Volunteer) for cooking the Pancakes and our lunches.
Also thanks to the MNDAQ for the deserts which finished off the meal.
Appologies from Reg, Rogo, Pat, Richard and Ann.
The day was a success.
My son Leonard was there for Lunch and would like to buy Nevilles car
Cheers till next year

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