Queensland P76 Owners Club Inc. 2015

Festive celebration

6th December, 2015

Hi All
The club members enjoyed themselves at "Grand Central Hotel" on the shores of Morton Bay at Cleveland . We had 30 people attend, and our thanks to Ann for arranging the luncheon.
4 P76s turned up, 3 Targas and Super.
Great to see Andrews show car back on the road. Unfortunate that Keiths yellow car was unable to get there.
Nice to see Garth and Christine, Andrew and Louise families joining us as well. Certainly growing fast.
Other in attendance were Sandra and Colin from Coffee Camp NSW, Ann and Richard, Alan and Marieanne. Graham and Pat, Graham and Carrol, Keith and Perdeta, Darryl and Barbie, John and Beth, Mark, Mike and Jenny. Warren and Amy had to make their apologies.

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