Queensland P76 Owners Club Inc. - 2001

President's Economy Run


Private Museum Inspection

29th July 2001 Club outing

The club member met at the new BP service centre on the south bound side of the Gold Goast freeway at Yatala at 10am. The President handed out directions for the economy run and the members cars were dispatched at stagered interval.
We cruised down the Gaven Way past the Reidy turnoff and turned off onto the old road to Burleigh Heads, going thru some rain forest.
The first stop wasjust short of Burleigh Heads where the members visited a "Private" collection of Memoribilia.

The thirty odd people were given a guided tour.
Everyone found items of interest. Most of the engines and vehicles are restored and in working order.
Before we headed off the President arranged to have the cars were lined up for a photo shoot.

Nine leylands parked in front of a local business
Then off we went on the rest of the economy run.
The President directions gave us an opportunity to sight see the development in areas behind Burleigh Heads.
Turning south back onto the Gaven Way we continued down the coast admiring the painted soundproof walls, till we came to the Currumbin Creek.
Just past there we turned right and headed up into the Currumbin Valley a distance before turning right again. This took us up over a steep hill to the back of Talabagar.
A lot of development in that area. We joined the Gaven Way again.
Heading North along the highway, we passed under and through Nerang before turn off the Gaven Way returning to Nerang. At Nerang we turned west, where we stopped, filled up the tanks, recorded the fuel comsumed. The course was about 100 klms in length.
We proceeded onto the Hinze Dam.
We drove over the slipway and onto the picnic areas on the eastern side of the Dam, where the Vice President had prepared for lunch. The area is quite scenic. We were over looking the Dam, out of the breeze.

Lunch setting at Hiez Dam Gold Coast
Vice President car and club trailor
Picnic lunch site
A lot of other people had the same idea. We had a great lunch and a good time catching up on lifes details. As I was about to leave I was asked by a father of family of six, if he could show the family the P76 boot capacity. They were doubting the size until I opened the boot.
Well done to the President organising the outing, Vice President (with family) in bringing the trailor and the other members and families for making the effort to come. We even had a member and family come all the way from Kingaroy, for this months outing.
Photos of the site with members car will be available when they are developed.

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